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Transition Best Practices

In the Transition phase, use the following best practices:

  • Ensure that the design is deployed in proper clouds
  • Check the organization report for available capacity
  • Keep Monitoring turned on
  • When creating a new environment, DO NOT Use Debug Mode. This is strictly to be used by Ops for debugging purposes.
  • Configure ECV to check the LB component
  • If you don’t want to accidentally override design values on pull, keep variables/attributes locked in the Transition phase.
  • Review monitors and their thresholds, to add or edit more alerts to be suitable for your application
  • Add CEN to the individual monitors in your production environment
  • Enable NOC alerts for your production environment
  • Add your own CNAME to give to your customers
  • Keep watch on your environment and compute usage. If an environment is not in use, disable the environment.
  • Tomcat Log Files: The location of log and access log should be /log/apache-tomcat.
  • The computes can not be resized once provisioned. So, if you change the size to be different from the design, lock the attribute.
  • The volume “app” size by default, is 10G (in the case of Tomcat). If needed, adjust and lock the size.
  • Don’t rely on the storage in the volume. It is ephemeral and only remains until the compute is there.