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User Overview

A OneOps user typically desires to manage applications deployed to virtual environments, called cloud applications. The user interacts with OneOps web application via the user interface and potentially via the API.

Activities performed depend on the security access level and are typically focussed around application lifecycle management with OneOps including design, deployment and operation of cloud-based applications.

Administrative users perform tasks in OneOps itself that enable other users to manage their applications by configuring security, clouds and other aspects of OneOps, potentially working with administrators.

Available documentation resources for users include:

OneOps enables continuous lifecycle management of complex, business-critical application workloads on any cloud-based infrastructure. You can expect:

  • Agility and speed
  • Faster SDLC due to consistency between environments ,see Design Phase
  • Improved end-to-end process, not just individual steps,see lifecycle
  • Operational Efficiency, see Operations Phase
  • Platform re-usability via best practices, see Packs
  • Real-time resource utilization via auto-scale, see auto-scale and Monitors
  • Application-driven access control policies, see Teams in Organization
  • Abstraction and dynamic modeling of the demand and supply, see clouds

If you don’t have access to a OneOps installation you can get started with the installation instructions and more in the administrator documentation.