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Microsoft IIS Pack

The iis pack is available as Internet Information Services(IIS) in the Web Application section and provides the user with the ability to use Microsoft IIS as a platform in their assembly.


This pack enables flexible configurations for:

  • .Net Frameworks
  • Load Balancing
  • Windows compute sizes defined in the OneOps instance you are using
  • NuGet Packages allowing additional software to be installed on your server
  • Website details in the iis-framework such as:
    • Core settings for application and logging paths as well as port bindings
    • Application Pooling
    • Static and Dynamic Compression
    • Filtering
    • Session States

Default settings and inline help (both help pages and attribute pop-up) available and shown when utilizing the pack in your design.

Components Utilized

The pack uses both common components and introduces new ones as listed below.

Core Components

  • compute: Used to define the virtual machine and OS.
  • volume: Used to define storage associated with you deployment.
  • lb: Used to configure settings for Load Balancing of incoming requests to the servers.
  • iis-website: Used to configure website specific details.
  • dotnetframework: Used to specify path of artifacts and framework version to use in the website deployment.
  • nuget-package: Used to specify where website artifacts are located and version to use in the deployment.
  • chocolatey-package: Used to define additional software packages to install on the server.