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Telegraf Component

The telegraf component is available for all platforms. Telegraf is an agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics. It is available as a standalone binary and is written in Go.

Design goals are to have a minimal memory footprint with a plugin system so that developers in the community can easily add support for collecting metrics .

Telegraf can be used to capture many different types of OS metrics such as OS/system metrics (e.g. CPU, network, disk, process, file descriptor, and memory).

Telegraf is plugin-driven and has the concept of 4 distinct plugins:

  • Input Plugins collect metrics from the system, services, or 3rd party APIs.
  • Processor Plugins transform, decorate, and/or filter metrics.
  • Aggregator Plugins create aggregate metrics and calculate values such as mean, min, max, quantiles and others.
  • Output Plugins write metrics to various destinations.