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Email Notification Relay

OneOps introduced notification relays at environment level. A notification relay allows notification filtering and routing configuration for a given environment. All notification for a given environment will be matched against existing environment relays for filtering based on source, severity, subject/text and ns path to specified list destination addresses.

Relay Location

edit environment->relay tab

Additional Information on Relay

  • There is a default relay available to all environments, which route alerts to assembly owner. Users have the privilege to delete default relay
  • Environment can have multiple relays.
  • Relay can be enabled/disabled.

Relay Attributes

  • Name:
  • Destination Email: comma list of email addresses to be alerted
  • **Severity Filters:
  • **Source Filters:
  • NS Path: blank nspath defaults to all notifications for the environment. Additional nspath can be added for platforms specific notification e.g
    • ////manifest// -> bulk action notification
    • ////bom// -> single operation notification
  • Message Pattern: Regexp to match against subject or text of notification. If blank notifications will not be filtered
  • Component Correlation: If this flag is turned on, email notifications will be sent only at the state change of component. Suppose tomcat component has 20 instances and 5 instances are flipped to unhealthy state.
    • One email will be sent:
      • When state of first few instances changes to unhealthy
      • All instances get recovers back to good state
    • No email will be sent:
      • If one or more instances under this component go unhealthy
      • If one or more instances recover from unhealthy state however some continues to remain unhealthy
      • For repair action execution

Relay configuration management is available as “relays” tab on the environment transition edit page.