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Remove an Unused Cloud from an Environment

Among other reasons, it is necessary to remove a cloud from an environment when there is:

  • Resource under-utilization
  • Instability of one cloud over another
  • No longer support for the cloud by its infrastructure team


To remove a cloud that is no longer required from an environment, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that the cloud does not have any live instances within the environment. To do this:
    • Shut down the cloud from all platforms.
    • Disable some or all of the platforms where the cloud has live instances.
  2. Go to the Environment Configuration tab and select Edit.
  3. Check not used for the cloud and then click Save.
    • If all live instances are removed, the Save is successful.
    • If not, then a failure message appears and the cloud update is not saved.

    Upon successful removal, the cloud is deleted from the environment and all of the platforms under it.

Removal of a cloud from an environment does not require deployment because the live instances are already deleted.