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Add a Variable

Variables are a way to set key-value pair for easy referencing. They allow you to set one value and have it used across many Components. An example use for Variables would be to create a revision tag across your builds.

To add a variable, follow these steps:

  1. In Design, select an Assembly.
  2. Select the variables tab.
  3. Click New Variable.
  4. Enter a unique name.
    • Letters, numbers, and dashes are allowed. No other characters are allowed.
    • If you use invalid characters, you are notified to match the requested format.
  5. Enter a value for the variable.

The three areas to store variables are: Cloud, Global and Local.

  • Cloud variables are defined for a particular Cloud and referenced as $OO_CLOUD{variable-name}
  • Global variables are those set in a particular Assembly. Such variables are available across all platforms in an Assembly. These can be referred as $OO_GLOBAL{variable-name}
  • Local variables are those set in a particular Platform. The variable is available only to the components within the platform. Usage $OO_LOCAL{variable-name}

At the time of deployment, these variables are substituted with the actual values.

There are 3 implicit variables available which can be directly used in any component attribute

  • $OO_GLOBAL{env_name} : resolves to environment name
  • $OO_CLOUD{cloud_name} : resolves to cloud name
  • $OO_LOCAL{platform_name} : resolves to platform name

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