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Components are the building blocks used to assemble packs and therefore the platforms, that define your assembly. Components in a pack can be required or optional and can depend on each other. Examples for components are the compute, the operating system, the operating system user and many others.

You can see the components in the design view of your assembly in the list on the right.

Any component additions or configuration changes need to be deployed to take effect at runtime:

  1. Add and/or change the component.
  2. Press Save.
  3. Create a assembly design release by pressing Commit Design.
  4. Select the environment in transition.
  5. Retrieve the design changes with Pull Design.
  6. Implement the changes in transition by pressing Commit and Deploy
  7. Observe the changes in operation of your chosen environment.

A number of base components are available in all platforms:

In addition specific components are available in various platforms and documentation is available for a limited subset: