Launching Secrets Management

When you build up complex, powerful features in an application it often a good idea to work with another application that is already best in its class. Done right this can yield pretty amazing results. The new secrets management in OneOps is a good example for this approach as it uses the great tool Keywhiz from Square.

OneOps Releases 17.08.23 and Earlier

Performance - ideally it just happens and the user is happy. However behind the scenes it can take a lot of effort to make things happen smoothly. With this release we optimized design pull performance and a few other things.

OneOps Commandline - Boo 1.0.14

The OneOps command line tool Boo is gaining a lot of traction and usage. With that heavy usage come feature requests and bug fixes. Thanks to the valiant efforts of our contributors and committers, we now have a new release - Boo 1.0.14.

One Source - OneOps Releases 17.08.02 and Earlier

Wow! What a whirlwind of changes to get it all together into one repository! If you look at our OneOps GitHub organization you notice that the number of repositories is greatly reduced now. The refactoring necessary to get about a dozen repositories merged and the related changes to release processes and more needed to be taken care of so our public releases dropped a bit. We still did a bunch of them internally and released numerous changes to our users.

In Preparation for Pack Versioning - OneOps Releases 17.05.19

This time we are adding some minor improvements, under the hood performance fixes and are including the new pack versioning feature for experimentation and limited usage throughout the user base.

Tomcat 8 for Everyone

The tomcat pack provides version 7 of the Apache Tomcat web application server and is a very popular pack for OneOps users running Java-powered web applications. With the recent release we are bringing you an important update to the pack.

OneOps Training Goes Open Source

Some people can learn a lot from tinkering around with a tool. These users can play with OneOps since its all open source. Others learn by reading documentation and we maintain our website for everyone with lots of content and also include videos. Yet, there are many user, who learn best when somebody shows them how things work and explains everything. If you are one of these types of learners, we got something for you - OneOps Training.

Tweaks - OneOps Releases 17.05.03

Sometimes you end up tweaking things a bit here and there and end with a sizeable improvement from a few small changes. This release includes such changes including the parallel download and selected workorder only configuration. But, see for yourself…

Triplet - OneOps Releases 17.04.19, 17.04.21 and 17.04.26

Since our last release we have continued to focus on performance improvements big and small, all across the various components of OneOps. A lot of them have just been in the background and have no user facing direct impact apart from actions completing faster and everything feeling a bit zippier. So this time we are rolling up three release notes into one.

Performance Matters - OneOps Release 17.04.12

One of the often overlooked fact of web application design and usability, and even generally any application is that performance matters. It matters a lot. If actions take too long users get distracted with other tasks, while waiting and loose focus. And then they make mistakes and its all the applications fault. With this release we are bringing some incredible performance improvements to our users.

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