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OneOps Training Goes Open Source

Some people can learn a lot from tinkering around with a tool. These users can play with OneOps since its all open source. Others learn by reading documentation and we maintain our website for everyone with lots of content and also include videos. Yet, there are many user, who learn best when somebody shows them how things work and explains everything. If you are one of these types of learners, we got something for you - OneOps Training.

We have started to created training material for OneOps and are now running Walmart internal training classes for OneOps every week. To take that effort out into our user community we are providing all the slides as open source project.

You can have a look at them and use them for your own OneOps training classes. We are hosting them right here on the website so you can have a look yourself.

Beyond that we have recorded the whole class without any specific information and making it all available on the OneOps video playlist:

 Training Overview
 Introducing OneOps
 Getting Started a.k.a Design
 Moving a.k.a. Transition
 In Business a.k.a. Operation
 At Home in OneOps and Conclusion

And we are working on more training classes for users and expand towards administrator and developer use cases. Have a look at our new training page for more information.

We hope you enjoy the classes Make sure you let us know about any specific


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