OneOps Training

The OneOps team provides training material and uses it regularly for internal training classes at Walmart. The material includes slides with speaker notes and videos.

All slides are available online and with the source and usage instructions in GitHub.

The currently available resources are:

Upcoming material includes

  • OneOps Administrator Training
  • OneOps Developer Training

OneOps User Training: Level 1 - Beginner

This OneOps User training aims to cover the following topics:

  • understanding of cloud application characteristics
  • role of OneOps as a PaaS and cloud application lifecycle management tool
  • knowledge of OneOps terminology
  • ability to create a cloud application in OneOps
  • and manage it in multiple deployments

Check out the slides.

All modules are available as recorded videos:

 Training Overview
 Introducing OneOps
 Getting Started a.k.a Design
 Moving a.k.a. Transition
 In Business a.k.a. Operation
 At Home in OneOps and Conclusion

OneOps User Training: Level 2 - Advanced

This OneOps User training builds on the basis from the beginner class and covers the following topics:

  • assembly design with multiple platforms
  • more component knowledge including network aspects
  • in-depth understanding of cloud usage and configuration
  • scaling operations and release flows
  • integrating with OneOps

Check out the slides.

OneOps User Training: Level 3 - Advanced Examples

This OneOps User training covers advanced topics of OneOps usage in more detail:

  • Secrets management with secret proxy and client component

Check out the slides.