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One Source - OneOps Releases 17.08.02 and Earlier

Wow! What a whirlwind of changes to get it all together into one repository! If you look at our OneOps GitHub organization you notice that the number of repositories is greatly reduced now. The refactoring necessary to get about a dozen repositories merged and the related changes to release processes and more needed to be taken care of so our public releases dropped a bit. We still did a bunch of them internally and released numerous changes to our users.

New Features and Signficant Changes

  • Most of the project is located in one source code repository
  • Build instructions are much simplified
  • Build can now produce a VM image to get OneOps up and running
  • CMS database upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.6 resulting in large performance gains
  • Updated and correct cost numbers for compute usage
  • Configurable TCP port setting for MS SQL Server - PR
  • Replaced stored procedure usage in database layer to improve performance, PR1, PR2, PR3

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Cost-related fixes in search index - PR
  • Consistent cleanup of CI resources in database and search index - PR
  • Fixed LB binding issue for computes in MS Azure - PR
  • Specific platform release discard changes in design are now visible in timeline - PR
  • Default pack catalog is now available to all organizations
  • Improved catalog display for different pack versions
  • Allow component attribute update via API, even when attributes are locked
  • Automatically add owner email to auto-generated certificate components - PR
  • Improved handling of compute reboots - PR
  • Display warning message to prevent deployment to all clouds at once
  • Improved support for volume component resizing - PR
  • Certificate component Windows support improvement - PR
  • Support for multiple storage and volume components on Windows computes - PR
  • Support for parallem component runs - PR
  • Avoid assignment of new IP due to touch operation on compute - PR
  • Creation of conf files with compute metadata - PR
  • Add windows specific attributes for failover cluster and other configuration - PR
  • Retain access to persistent storage across compute replacements - PR
  • Improved domain joining for computes - PR

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