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Naming Conventions

Follow these naming conventions for assemblies, platforms and environments.

Assembly Name

The name of the assembly should represent the name of your product or the service that you are offering. Keep it short and relevant.

Use: wms

Do not use: warehouse management system

Platform Name

The name of the platform should be the name of the tier that you are adding. For example: if you are adding a web tier, call it tomcat or jboss. For a database tier, call it db.

Use: tomcat, jboss, db, cache

Do not use: cache-app, dal-schema-common-app, tomcat-prod

Environment Name

The environment name should represent the environment where the design is deployed.

Use: dev, qa, qa-int, stg, prod

Do not use: tomcat-prod, oracle-db


  • Do NOT repeat the assembly name in the platform name.
  • Do NOT repeat the assembly name in the environment name.
  • Do NOT use environment names in platform names.

Each assembly, and each environment inside the assembly, run in their own separate namespaces. These names do not have to be globally unique. Repeating the names in these three entities results in very long resource names in the cloud environment.