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Add or Reduce Capacity


Capacity equals deployment. 100% capacity is deployment of all instances in the cloud. Partial deployments are usually used to test new code or components. After the partial deployment is recognized as successful, a full deployment can be executed.

Two processes are required to change capacity:

  • Transition provides visibility into the variable set and allows you to execute a partial or full deployment.
  • Operate allows you to control capacity and execute a full deployment.


Transition > Environment > Platform > Summary > Scaling Configuration

  1. To view the environments page, click Transition.
  2. Select a platform.

The Summary page displays the Scaling Configuration panel.


You can only complete a full deployment in Operate.

Operate > Summary tab > Force Deployment

To execute a full deployment, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the appropriate assembly.
  2. Click Operate.
  3. Select an environment (for example, prod2). The summary tab displays status information.

  4. Click Force Deploy.

Force Deploy gathers all changes made to that environment, regardless of how small or large, up to the moment you click Force Deploy.