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Assess the Health of Applications, Platforms and Clouds


To monitor the health of applications, platforms and clouds, follow these steps:

  1. In the OneOps Dashboard, select the appropriate organization and assembly.

  2. Click Operate.

    The Environments page displays.

  3. Select the environment.

    The Environments page defaults to the summary tab that displays a status for the following conditions:

    • Platforms
    • Deployment
    • Health
    • Auto repair

    The health is displayed, including the number of instances in the environment.

    • Good = green
    • Disabled = red
  4. Click the graph tab to display an overall view of the health of the application.

  5. From the graph, view the overall health of the environment.

    Each component is represented by a circle icon. The color of the icon indicates the component condition:

    • Green: The environment is healthy and no action needs to be taken.
    • Orange: A change is being executed. This could mean a deployment to that instance or that the instance is undergoing an auto repair.
    • Red: Click on a red-colored component to investigate. Drill down to see the status of the component.

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