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DotNet Framework Component

The dotnetframework component gives the ability to install different .NET Framework on windows compute/node. This component uses chocolatey to install .Net frameworks.

Chocolatey packages can be used from public chocolatey repository or from the repository hosted within the firewall. This will be configured based on your OneOps instance configuration.

Besides the global configuration available for any component such as Name, you can configure the following attributes:

Chocolatey Package Source:

Package URL: is used to specify the repo used to store artifacts. Add the url of the chocolatey package source. NOTE: this will be overridden if mirror cloud service has been defined (top right of screen). In the mirror cloud service the key used is “chocorepo”.

Framework Version:

.NET Framework version: is used to specify the framework version in install. Additional details below.

  • Format: .Net framework version = chocolatey package name
  • Format examples: .Net 3.5 = dotnet3.5 and .Net 4.5.2 = dotnet4.5.2

Attachments and Monitors Tabs:

In addition to the above configuration for this component, you can also specify Attachments and Monitors for this component.