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Job Component

The job component is available in a number of platforms and can be used to execute specific cron tasks on a regular schedule. Examples are cassandra, es and many others. Typically it is configured as an optional component and can simply be activated by adding it with the + button in the component list.

You can locate defined jobs with a [search](../general/search.html] using a Class value of manifest.Job for configured jobs in the design phase or bom.Job for deployed jobs in the operation phase.


Besides the global configuration available for any component such as Name and Description, you can configure the following attributes:

Schedule: You define the schedule by specifying a values for Minute, Hour, Day, Month and Weekday. Numbers as applicable for the range as well as * as placeholder for any value are valid.

Command: The command line command or script to execute.

Options - User: Specify the operating system user to use for the command execution.

Options - Variables: You can define environment variable values to set prior to the job execution.