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Integration Development

Integrations development is all about using the various OneOps APIs to create integrations with other applications or workflows. These could be simple scripts to automate commonly performed actions or integration with other applications to support your specific use cases.

One aspect of integration work is to find the correct resources and entities to work with. The usage of advanced search is crucial as it works directly of the raw data rather than secondary indices.


OneOps includes a very comprehensive REST-based API. Most URLs in OneOps that result in a rendered user interface can be modified to return JSON data for the same entity.

For example the configured clouds in your organization example in your OneOps instance are available as user interface URL via http://server/example/clouds. On the other hand you can retrieve this list of clouds in JSON format with a HTTP GET call of http://server/example/clouds.json and it would look similar to:

    ciId: 12346769,
    ciName: "admin",
    ciClassName: "account.Cloud",
    impl: "oo::chef-11.4.0",
    nsPath: "/example/_clouds",
    ciGoid: "78267-1249-6754169",
    comments: "",
    ciState: "default",
    lastAppliedRfcId: 0,
    createdBy: "admin",
    updatedBy: null,
    created: 1393611787803,
    updated: 1404278533896,
    nsId: 78467,
    ciAttributes: {
      adminstatus: "active",
      auth: "",
      description: "Admin network",
      location: "/public/example/clouds/admin"
    attrProps: { }

The same pattern of a JSON equivalent for a user interface URL applies to specific entities. E.g. the edit URL for a component could be https://server/oneops/assemblies/31561093/design/platforms/65971847/components/65971878/edit. Appending .json to the URL so it ends in .../edit.json displays the data in raw JSON.

API Usage Examples

API Reference