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The Cloud Offerings and Cloud Services APIs allow you to access a list of the different offerings and services of the configured clouds.

Offerings includes information about DNS, storage and computes and others. Services includes information about NTP, mirrors, computes, load balancing, storage, filestores, logstreams, DNS and others The data is available via

GET /cloud/offerings
GET /cloud/services

for the public name space.

It can be narrowed down to a specific organization named ORG with


or a cloud CLOUD within an organization

GET /ORG/clouds/offerings.json?ns_path=/ORG/_clouds/CLOUD
GET /ORG/clouds/services.json?ns_path=/ORG/_clouds/CLOUD

The results consists of numerous specific attributes for the various offerings and services as well as cost. An example for a compute offering is

compute: [
  ciId: 47034473,
  ciName: "xxxlarge",
  ciClassName: "cloud.Offering",
  impl: "oo::chef-11.4.0",
  nsPath: "/ORG/_clouds/labs-snv4/cloud.service.Openstack/snv4",
  ciGoid: "47134391-28934-47035473",
  comments: "",
  ciState: "default",
  lastAppliedRfcId: 0,
  createdBy: "oneops",
  updatedBy: "auser",
  created: 1455113490801,
  updated: 1476466478082,
  nsId: 47034391,
  ciAttributes: {
    criteria: "(ciClassName matches 'bom.[a-zA-Z0-9.]*.Compute' OR ciClassName=='bom.Compute') AND ciAttributes['size']=='3XL'",
    specification: "{}",
    description: "Average 3xlarge Linux vCPU cost per Hour",
    cost_rate: "1.23",
    cost_unit: "USD"
attrProps: { }