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Add a New Component

To add a new Component Class to a model so it can be used by Platforms, follow these steps:

In this example, we use Jboss as an example of a new component.

  1. Clone the initial packer directory from git@github.com:kloopz/packer.git
cd packer; util/new_component.rb Jboss

his generates the dirs and files with common values. See the sample output in the first Note below.

cd cookbooks/Jboss
  1. Update metadata.rb. You can reuse existing Jboss chef recipes and attributes by using the open source recipe, http://community.opscode.com/cookbooks/Jboss. For a list of these see the second Note below.
cd recipes
  1. Copy recipes from the download on the page above, or use the Git chef-Jboss. The cookbook does not have a recipe named add.rb. Their default.rb does the same function.
  2. Create an add.rb and update.rb that only has: include_recipe “Jboss::default”. There is no delete recipe, that must be added.
  3. Update relationships metadata for: depends_on, deployed_to, escorted_by,managed_via, realized_as, requires, and watched_by.
  4. cd ../<relationship> and edit metadata.rb adding Jboss accordingly.
  5. Sync to CMS.
  6. Add the Jboss image for the UI: kloopz-app repo public/images/cms/Jboss.png

new_component.rb Jboss output:

## Creating new component: /Users/mike/oo/packer/cookbooks/Jboss
DIR: /Users/mike/oo/packer/cookbooks/Jboss
updating metadata.rb
updating README.md
DIR: /Users/mike/oo/packer/cookbooks/Jboss/recipes
updating add.rb
updating delete.rb
updating repair.rb
updating restart.rb
updating start.rb
updating status.rb
updating stop.rb
updating update.rb

Jboss Attributes from open source cookbook:

* Jboss_home -  location for Jboss
* version - version to download
* dl_url - download url  ...we can derive from the version tho, omitting
* Jboss_user - default Jboss user

See Also

New Component Screens

metadata.rb - 4 parts:

  1. name/desc
  2. grouping
  3. attrs
  4. actions (additional to add, update, delete)