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Administrator Testing and Debugging

Build a test environment where you can test any new OneOps code changes and also validate any or new pack changes your organization might do.


UI does not come up

Most likely the rails server didn’t start properly (used in vagrant image and aws image), try to ssh to your vm and do

sudo service display start
# check the logs
tail -f /opt/oneops/log/rails.log

if using apache

  • Make sure the apache is up if running display in apache.
  • Run nc -v host port to see if the ports are not blocked. Do this for any of the services.

Deployments failing

  • Check if all consumers can connect to messaging bus.
  • All the OneOps webapps (adapter,transistor) expose health check /rest//ecv/status.. so check if all web contexts are up.

Inductor not coming up

  • Make sure the auth-key is same which you used for setting up the cloud.

Deployment fails

Check the github commit log for any cookbook fixes which were done. Refresh the cookbooks.

Update cookbooks

  1. Update cookbooks to latest and greatest.
cd /home/oneops/build/circuit-oneops-1
git remote -v
  #  if its like git@oogit:/oneops/circuit-oneops-1 (fetch), replace with https
sudo git remote set-url origin https://github.com/oneops/circuit-oneops-1.git  
# Get the latest
sudo git pull
#If there are merge conflicts, resolve them  or want to overwrite with the latest
#This *replaces* all the cookbooks used by inductor to the latest in sync with github
sudo git reset --hard origin/master
## refer ls -la /opt/oneops/inductor
#For *shared cookbooks*, we can do the same
cd /home/oneops/build/oneops-admin
sudo git pull
## If conflicts and want to overwrite
sudo git reset --hard origin/master
sudo cp -r /home/oneops/build/oneops-admin/lib/shared /opt/oneops/inductor

Inductor does not start throws Bad password

Caused by: java.lang.Throwable: com.oneops.amq.plugins.CmsAuthException: Bad password for user: /public/oneops/clouds:rackspace-dfw
# Check inductor properties
cat ///opt/oneops/inductor/clouds-enabled/public.oneops.clouds.aws/conf/inductor.properties|grep auth
# Note  amq.authkey = awssecretkey
# The value of authkey should be same as what was loaded during metadata change
refer https://github.com/oneops/circuit-oneops-1/tree/master/clouds

Inductor does not start throws SSL connect error

Failed to connect to [ssl://localhost:61617?keepAlive=true] after: 1 attempt(s)
Looks like a cert error for java: Cause: The JMS connection has failed: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
# Check inductor client ts file.
# As part of the latest Vagrant scripts inductor is created in /opt/oneops/inductor
# and proper cert is copied there, so if you bring the fresh VM,
# don't do inductor create - just do "inductor add"
# But if you do please do
cp  /opt/activemq/conf/client.ts /opt/oneops/inductor/lib
cd  /opt/oneops/inductor/
inductor start

Cookbook does not exist .

#016-01-25 20:53:54,381     INFO    ProcessRunner:65    2822:52176 - cmd out: [2016-01-25T20:53:54+00:00] DEBUG: Re-raising #exception: Chef::Exceptions::CookbookNotFound
# This is mostly caused by missing symlink for the cookbooks in inductor ;
# Caused by manually deleting the inductor home
cd /opt/oneops/inductor ; ln -s /home/oneops/build/circuit-oneops-1 .

Compute Provisioning fails Image does not exist

# The compute service metadata has image id which has been deleted.
# Try correcting the image id in compute cloud service
# Run the deployment again.

OS step fails

# cmd out: service[named]: unable to locate the init.d script!
# This is  fixed with latest code

Refresh cookbooks following this