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Build, Install, and Configure an Inductor

  1. Build the jar file. It is in target/inductor-VERSION.jar.
mvn clean package
  1. Build the gem.
gem build inductor.gemspec

It creates an inductor-VERSION.gem in the root directory.

  1. Install the gem from the root directory.
gem install inductor-VERSION.gem


The inductor gem creates configuration files and directories when the inductor add command is run.

For a private zone, the authorization key is specified when you create the zone from the UI.

For a public zone, the key is specified in the packer/services/provider file.

For reference only:

A conf.dir argument is passed to the inductor at runtime and contains an inductor.properties.

This is generated via the inductor gem when inductor add is run.

The following are sample contents:

# usually set by inductor gem or inductor_config_gen and based on zone
amq.user =
amq.pass =
amq.in_queue = public.packer.providers.aws-ec2.ec2.us-east-1a.controller.workorders
amq.out_queue = controller.response
amq.connect_string = failover:(ssl://kloopzmq:61617?keepAlive=true)?initialReconnectDelay=1000&startupMaxReconnectAttempts=2
packer_home = /opt/gw-packer/current
retry_count = 2
ip_attribute = public_ip
scan_path = /opt/oneops/inductor/retry
scan_period = 5
data_dir = /opt/oneops/tmp
mgmt_domain = changeme.oneops.com