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Running OneOps in Production

Use OneOps to deploy OneOps in production, so you get all the benefits of OneOps in managing your application refer this article.

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Deploy in redundant mode.

OneOps backend applications are primarily java web apps deployable on separate tomcats or in single tomcat with multiple artifacts. For example you can deploy adapter,transistor,transmitter,controller apps on one tomcat, deploy the other apps on separate tomcat.

  • Choose multiple fault zones.

You can deploy like

WebApps Platform
adapter,transistor,transmitter,controller Tomcat
sensor,opamp Tomcat
User DB,CMS DDB Postgres
elastic search es
amq Messaging Platform
opsmq OpsMQ
daq Cassandra

Use Command Line Interface

  • Install OneOps CLI to perform any control actions from command line or search.

Configure DB backups

  • You can use gluster fs to set up a store to back up cms db.

Use security groups.

For each platform use ports which are required for application to work.

Use Elastic Search Kibana Logstash

  • Set up an elastic search to ship your web logs or other logs for troubleshooting.
  • More details coming.

Avoid manual changes :

Anything manual you do to make things work, will get overwritten in next deployment. Be sure to make change to design,transition configuration so that changes are not lost.