Documentation Guideline

The OneOps documentation is part of the publicly available web site at Contributions are welcome and managed in the same manner as code contributions.

Technical Details

The web site, including the documentation, is managed in the repository:

It is a static web site generated from source using Jekyll. All content is written using Markdown, specifically GitHub Flavored Markdown parsed by kramdown. More information about the site and documentation is available in the README.

The master branch contains the current deployment and any changes in this branch are automatically deployed. Therefore submit your changes as pull requests, if possible to allow us to run a verification.

Writing Guideline

When editing existing, or writing new documentation, please try to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Ideal line width is 120 characters or less.
  • Do not use TAB and other characters that invalidates JSON formatted content.
  • Use a spell checker.
  • Observe the usage of title case in section and page titles.
  • Use consistent naming in text e.g. always OneOps and not oneops, SSH and not ssh, URL and not url.

For image inclusion there are some specific requests:

  • Do not add too many images.
  • Keep the image size suitable for the web site.
  • Images should concentrate on the relevant content.
  • PNG format is preferred.

The better you follow these guidelines, the faster your changes will be merged.

Pull Requests and Review

Before merging a pull request we will perform some validation.

  • Review of content regarding guidelines above.
  • Provide feedback beyond the guidelines as applicable.
  • Perform a local build with Java Jekyll and Ruby Jekyll.
  • Visual inspection of new content to ensure rendering works as intended in markdown source.
  • Link check run.